What are NTEP Scales and How Can They Benefit Your Business

What is NTEP?

NTEP stands for the National Type Evaluation Program. This program provides certificates for pieces of equipment that meet certain standards when goods are measured and sold in the United States. NTEP approval is only achieved after undergoing stringent tests to ensure certain guidelines are meet. Type approved commercial scales are classified into groups and marked with an accuracy class (Class I, II, III, IIIL, or IIII).

  • Class I = Ideal for precision lab weighing.
  • Class II = Rated for weighing precious metals and cannabis.
  • Class III = Ideal for commercial use like food and animal weighing.
  • Class III L = Vehicle weighing scales.
  • Class IIII = Used for highway weight enforcement.

Which Applications and Markets Use NTEP Approved Scales?

NTEP scales could be used anywhere where goods are sold by measuring weight. Listed below are some common industries that NTEP can be utilized in:

Cannabis Weighing

  • Dispensaries selling to customers.
  • Farmers purchasing seeds from manufacturers.


  • Shops or wholesalers needing to measure in carats, grams or troy ounces

Food Industries

  • Weighing spices to calculate prices based on pound.
  • Coffee shops selling beans or grounds.
  • Candy or Ice cream shops.


  • Chemists measuring precise quantities of herbal extracts.
  • Manufacturing or selling cosmetics and commercial supplements.

How Approved Scales Can Improve Your Business?

NTEP approved scales can improve your business by ensuring customers you are selling goods to are of the correct weight. This also establishes trust between your customers and the items they are purchasing. Additionally, any weighing instrument that is used to sell by weight or calculate using weight as a factor is required to be trade approved. This means having an approved scale will prevent your business from getting into any legal trouble when selling goods by weight.

Shop Our Selection of NTEP Approved Scales and Balances. We offer a variety of NTEP approved scales that vary based on pan size, capacity, readability, and features.

Adam Equipment Highland HCB M Approved Precision Balances: Features a class II approval, removable draft shield, and a unique stack ability feature to save space when storing multiple balances. Capacities range from 100g to 5000g with readabilities from 0.001g to 0.5g. Common applications include weighing cannabis, jewelry, spices, and tobacco.

Adam Equipment GBK aM Bench Checkweighing Scales: Features a large 11.8″x15.7″ / 300x400mm platform with pillar mounted indicator. Capacities range from 15lb / 6kg to 300lb / 150kg with readabilities from 0.05lb / 0.02kg. These scales are ideal for weighing larger amounts of spices, tobacco, coffee ground, tea leaves, and other dry food items.

Adam Equipment WBZ Washdown Retail Scales: Features an IP66-rated washdown housing and a easy to read back-lit display that shows weight, unit price and total price. Capacities range from 6lb / 3kg to 30lb / 15kg with readabilities from 0.002lb / 1g to 0.01lb / 5g. The WBZ retail scales are excellent for cheese shops, candy stores, and supermarkets.

Adam Equipment WBW aM Washdown Scales: Features an IP66-rated washdown housing and checkweighing LEDs to show weighing limits. Capacities range from  5lb / 2kg to 35lb / 16kg with readabilities from 0.0005lb / 0.2g to 0.005lb / 2g. The WBW retail scales are ideal for weighing candies, cookies, poultry, and vegetables at farmers markets.

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