Fall Preview: Setting Up Your Science Classroom for Success!

It may feel strange to talk about going back to school when schools remain empty with students practicing distance learning. But Fall will bring a new school year and students will return to their science classrooms, so let’s dive in! 

Sonic Supply offers a wide selection of products to outfit your science classes, whether in the classroom or at home.  

STEM Kits 

Hands-on kits that focus on the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) feature educator-written activity material, helping engage students while teaching them core scientific concepts. The guides include instructions and background information, as well as lesson planning tips for teachers. 

Our STEM kit offerings range from kits that investigate how light and colors are used in technology products to a see-through human anatomy display and a kit exploring thermoelectrics.

Thermoelectric Effects Apparatus STEM kit

Starter Kits 

For more general use in science classrooms, Sonic has you covered for lab equipment, including: 

  • a porcelainware starter kit with several sizes of crucibles, a casserole, mortar & pestle, evaporating dish, clay pipe triangle and tongs 


Whether a working lab or a science classroom, safety should always be a priority. To keep teachers and students safe, opt for lab coats and aprons along with protective goggles.


For biology studies, models help illustrate the inner workings of the human body for students. Options include models of human skeletons and brains, as well as a pre-assembled, 24-inch tall DNA model accurately depicts a 16 base pair section of DNA. 

Scales & Balances 

Projects in science classes often involved weighing materials and substances. Sonic offers a variety of different balances, including: 

Should schools find themselves again transitioning to distance learning, we recently posted a blog about Stocking Up on Science Supplies for Home Schooling. The products highlighted in the post can be equally appropriate for teachers and administrators planning to set up science classrooms for the fall.

To make sure your science classes are fully equipped and ready for the next school year, contact us today at 844-977-6642 or sales@sonicsupply.com

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