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Supplying your classroom for the next school year can be a challenging task. When dealing with budget constraints, finding the right supplies at the best price is often difficult. Here at Sonic Supply we make the buying process easier with a large section of high-quality, affordable lab supplies and equipment that fit within any school budget. We offer a large selection of products that cover everything from elementary-level basic science to advanced college-level physics. In this article we will go over some of our bestsellers for the educational market and let you know why these items are must haves.

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Having a good amount of disposable lab supplies available is necessary for many routine experiments and lesson plans. Here are some recommendation to always have on hand in your science classroom. Ask us for free samples of any of the supplies listed below.

Microscope Slides


Choose from blank slides or prepaid slides with various specimens. All slides are pre-cleaned and ready for use. Choose from a variety of colors and edge styles. Prepared slides are a great introduction to biology and basic microscope operation.

Prices start now at $11.72 (Pack of 72)

Transfer Pipettes


Draw and dispense liquids easily in controlled drop sizes with these transfer pipettes. Ideal for any experiments dealing with buffers, solutions, or chemicals. Shop our large selection of different capacities, lengths, and tip styles.

Prices start now at $14.19 (Case of 500)

Plastic & Glass Beakers

United Scientific Supplies

Mix, measure, and pour liquids efficiently with our borosilicate or plastic beakers. The beakers are affordable and are available in larger quantity options or single units. Glass beakers work perfectly for heating up samples.

Prices start now at $1.59 (Pack of 1) >>

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Our range of lab equipment offers excellent durability that can withstand continuous classroom use. These equipment can be used in lesson plans to help teach core scientific concepts of biology and chemistry.

Hotplate / Stirrers

MS-H280-Pro Dlab Laboratory hotplate stirrer with beaker on ceramic hotplate

Our compact hotplates and stirrers are packed with a variety of features and take up less bench space. Many models include safety features, such as a Hot plate warning that is displayed until the plate cools to below 50°C.

Prices start now at $154.99 >>


EZeeMini Centrifuge

Our line of compact centrifuges are perfect for classroom use when teaching sample liquid separation and centrifugal force.

Prices start now at $109.99 >>



Student biological and stereo microscopes are excellent learning tools for inspecting cells, lab samples, and small objects.

Prices start now at $129.99 >>

Scales and Balances by Adam Equipment from Sonic Supply

Compact Scales

Compact scales are ideal for basic classroom weighing. The scales feature easy-to-read digital displays and offer built-in battery operation.

Prices start now at $59.50 >>

Triple Beam Balances

Triple beam balances are great for teaching students mass measurement concepts. All balances feature durable construction and tiered graduated beams for accurate readings.

Prices start now at $82.50 >>

Precision Balances


Precision balances are ideal for university-level chemistry classrooms and AP labs. These balances can calculate chemical reactions and feature USB interfaces for transfer of data between computers.

Prices start now at $105.30 >>

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Our educational products include kits and assortments of supplies, biological models, and interactive stem kits with student and teacher lesson plans.

Kits and Assortments

Scientific Chemistry Kits for Laboratories

A comprehensive assortment of glassware, plasticware, porcelain and other hardware most commonly used in general chemistry labs.

Now only $ 115.19 >>

Stem Kits & Products with Activity Guides


These kits teach principles of specific areas of science by using demonstrative models and student activity and assessment options. Teacher manual and instructional CD is includes making learning the lesson plan a breeze.

Starting now at $19.88 >>

Biology Models

MASKU1 Human Skull Model

These scientific models are ideal for classroom demonstration and learning exercises. All include a detailed key and assembly instructions.

Starting now at $ 34.58 >>

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