Heavy Duty Industrial Floor Scales

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Industrial floor scales are one of the most versatile weighing scales out there. These scales can be used for many industries like manufacturing, shipping and receiving, inventory tasks, and much more.  The large pan size and portability of these scales make them great for many different applications. All industrial floor scales feature a pillar mounted indicator or a separate movable indicator which makes weighing larger items easy and efficient. Choose from a variety of configurations with capacities ranging from 13lb to 660lb and readabilities from .1lb to 0.005lb.

Our industrial floor scales also include checkweighing scales which are useful for testing the weight of a sample or package to confirm that it is within specified limits. Some checkweighing scales like the AGB and AGF models feature a color changing display for quick notification of checkweighing limits.

Our most popular models is the Adam Equipment CPWplus series that is available in 3 different styles with different ranges of pan sizes, capacities, and readabilities.

Please contact us if you have any questions about choosing a specific industrial floor scale model or if you need a quote with a shipping estimate.