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Sonic Supply offers affordable laboratory plasticware suitable for a range of applications. Our extensive collection includes beakers, transfer pipettes, weighing dishes, bottles and much more from lab supply specialists Globe Scientific’s and United Scientific Supplies. These companies have over 25 years of experience in producing high quality laboratory plasticware for labs all across the world. Likewise, they also supply plasticware products for food, industrial, medical, and pharmaceutical industries. 

All of our laboratory plasticware is made from durable polypropylene (PP) or polystyrene (PS), with each having their own benefits. Polypropylene is more rugged and has better chemical resistance, whilst polystyrene is more transparent offering better visibility of samples.

Trying to choose between glass or plastic supplies? Here is some helpful information to point you in the right direction. Firstly, using plasticware can be much safer than glass as it’s far less likely to smash or crack. As well as this, it’s more affordable making it a good option for classrooms and educational facilities. Finally, plastic lab supplies are surprisingly environmentally friendly. A big benefit of plasticware is that it can be reused or recycled. Also, because they don’t break as easily, they can last longer! 

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