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Flocculators (commonly referred to as jar testers) are used in water treatment facilities and other environmental testing centers. Flocculators are often used for jar testing. This helps determine the amount of treatment chemicals and sequence they should be added for water plants. Performing these tests with a flocculator can help keep water treatment plants running efficiently. Additionally plants will save money as the correct amount of formation will be determine based on their application.

Velp Scientifica offers a variety of flocculators that range from small portable 4 beaker variations to 6 place beakers with independent controls for precise results. All floculators do not include beakers. Compatible glass or plastic beakers can be purchased under each flocculator product listing as an accessory.

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**Please note all Flocculators expect for the FP4 have to go freight as the pallet provides extra security during shipment to protect damage to internal parts and beakers. Please contact us for an accurate freight quote to your location