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This is where to find SonicSupply’s huge selection of mechanical and electronic pipettors and fixed volume pipettes. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver top-quality lab supplies from some of the best laboratory equipment suppliers. These include DLAB, Microlit and Globe Scientific.

Although small, pipettors and pipettes come in many different designs. Adjustable pipettors give the user an option of selecting the desired amount of volume to dispense, whereas a fixed volume instrument dispenses the same exact volume of liquid each time. Our variety of manual pipettors allow the user to deliver or withdraw liquid by using their thumb to control the piston. Alternatively, our DLAB electronic pipettes use an electric motor for accurately withdrawing and dispensing liquids. We also stock a variety of replacement pipette tips and multichannel pipettes that come in 8 or 12 channels for performing repetitive liquid dispensing tasks.

For more information, please contact us. Our phone number is +1 (844) 977-6642 and our lines are open Monday to Friday from 9AM-5PM. Alternatively, send us an email at

For more information on pipettes and pipettors, please read our blog post: Sonic Supply’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Pipette.