Hotplate Stirrer Combinations

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Sonic Supply’s Hotplate stirrer combinations are very versatile pieces of laboraotry equipment. They offers the ability to mix and heat liquids and chemicals at the same time. Having this combination of a hotplate and stirrer saves time money and valuable bench space.

Choose from a hotplate stirrers with ceramic or aluminum work plates with different ranges of heating temperatures and stirring capacities. All Velp Scientifica and DLAB hotplate stirrer devices are easy to use and are have great durability to withstand constant laboratory use. These hotplate stirrer are ideal in science classrooms, laboratories, or even research facilities for small daily tasks.

Hotplate stirrer machines are a must for quick and mixing of chemicals, various liquids, and cells for scientific experiments and research. Additional uses also include sample preparation in the cannabis industry or to distill, extract, mix, heat and stir in ingredients for CBD production.

For help choosing your hotplate, please see our blog: How to Select the Best Laboratory Hotplates & Stirrers for your Application.