Heating & Cooling Equipment

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Sonic Supply offers a large selection of laboratory heating and cooling equipment for classroom, laboratory, or industrial use. We stock a variety of highly trusted brands that include Velp ScientificaDLABUnited Scientific and Globe Scientific. 

Heating equipment is used to effectively remove solvents from mixtures or create different reactions, whilst cooling equipment is essential for keeping your valuable lab samples at the correct temperature. As well as this, these scientific instruments are necessary for heating liquids or gases to induce chemical reactions in experiments.

  • Busen Burners – Features a single gas flame for heating or sterilizing glassware.
  • Dry Baths – Allow samples to be thawed, boil or warmed for applications in biology or biochemistry.
  • Furnaces – Provides heating to samples and materials in a controlled environment.
  • Heating Mantles – Ideal for heating irregularly shaped glassware like flasks
  • Hotplates and Stirrers  – Heat and stir solvents to speed up chemical reactions or improve mixtures
  • Incubators – Offers a stable environment for test kits, samples, and biologicals.
  • Ovens – Offers controlled heat for drying, evaporating, and sterilizing substances.
  • Strip Heater – Ideal for surface contact heating or low profile heating.
  • Thermo Cycler – Used for amplifying DNA and RNA samples through the polymerease chain reaction. These are ideal for life science applications.
  • Thermoregulator – Automatically regulates temperature by loweing or increasing heat to maintain a sample.
  • Water Baths – Used to incubate samples in water at stable temperatures or create chemical reactions through higher temperatures.

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