A Sonic Supply Guide to Buying Chemicals

You’ve come to Sonic Supply to purchase chemicals, but where do you begin? Let’s start with a primer on our offerings!

In addition to laboratory equipment for handling chemicals, our chemical product line includes reagents (such as acids and solvents), cannabis testing chemicals and PH indicators to test the acidity of a solution. All purchases include a copy of the analysis certificate, along with a safety data sheet.

Certificate of Analysis

Sonic Supply offers branded chemicals from Ricca Chemical Company and Rocky Mountain Reagents.


The chemicals we sell – available in different concentrations and grades – are sourced from FDA-regulated facilities. Most chemicals receive a grade that indicates its purity. From most pure to least pure, the grades are Reagent grade, Laboratory grade and Technical grade.

Reagent grade, which meets the standards set by the American Chemical Society, is about 95 percent pure, so it’s acceptable for food, drug and medicinal use. It can also be used for many lab and analytical applications.

Though Laboratory grade is useful for teaching and training, it’s not pure enough for food, drug or medical use.

Technical (or Industrial) grade, which is used for commercial purposes, also isn’t pure enough for food, drug and medicinal use.


Chemical labeling should be GHS-compliant, meaning it meets the standards of the “Globally Harmonized System of the Classification and Labeling of Chemicals,” which was developed by the U.N. to standardize worldwide chemical regulations.

Often color-coded by grade, labels contain information such as the product name, specifications, hazard statement (i.e., “toxic if ingested”), precautionary statement, pack size, chemical formula and molecular weight, UN number and shipping name, product code and barcode, batch number and GHS pictograms.


Some chemicals are classified as hazardous materials, so they require an additional shipping charge. Product pages for these chemicals note that they are hazardous.

Check out Sonic Supply’s chemical product offerings and contact us with any questions!

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