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Laboratory Mixers, Rotators, Shakers & Stirrers

Laboratory Mixers, Rotators, Shakers & Stirrers

Here at Sonic Supply we stock a wide selection of DLAB, Globe Scientific, and Velp Scientifica mixers, rotators, shakers, and stirrers. Laboratory mixing equipment is often used to uniformly mix ingredients more efficiency than manual stirring. Choose from a variety of mixing equipment with a range of measuring capacities, speed of mixing, rotating, or shaking.

Laboratory mixers, rotators, shakers, and magnetic stirrers are ideal for a huge range of industries that include food and beverage, pharmaceutical, research labs, and testing facilities. Choose from machines with digital or analogue speed and temperature controls. All feature durable construction and quiet motors for reduced noise during operation. Manufacture's warranties are included as well as additional platforms and attachments on specific models.

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