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Lab Supplies

Shop our selection of lab supplies that suit a wide variety of laboratory needs and functions. Sonic Supply boasts an extensive range of everyday lab supplies, whether it is chemicals or transfer pipettes, examination gloves or scientific funnels, we have you covered. Looking for glassware and plasticware? We also stock beakers, flasks, graduated cylinders, test tubes and more - all in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Importantly, our range of scientific supplies are widely trusted and ideal for performing any testing, experiments, or research. With such a large catalog of consumables, lab disposables, and chemicals, you can be sure to find just what you are looking for.

Looking to purchase larger stocking quantities? Just let us know and we will happily accommodate your needs. Likewise, we also offer free samples of our lab supplies as well. Feel free to contact us about this or any other queries you might have on +1 (844) 977-6642. Alternatively, send us an email at