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Chemicals, Reagents Acids, & Bases

Chemicals, Reagents Acids, & Bases

Sonic Supply offer an extensive selection of chemicals for laboratory use. You will find a range of acids, bases, alcohols, solvents, pH buffers, and stains listed below. For further choice, you can also shop a range of popular brands like Ricca chemical or Rocky Mountain Reagents.

We sell chemicals from an FDA regulated facility that are ideal for use in laboratory science experiments. When you order with us, we will include a copy of the analysis certificate and safety data sheet.

Please feel free to request COA, (certificate of Analysis) SDS (Safety Data Sheet), or any other technical info and we will happy to comply. Looking for laboratory equipment for measuring and mixing chemicals? Why not also browse our huge range of laboratory supplies such as pipettes, flasks and beakers.

Don't see a chemical or reagent you need? Make sure to contact us and request a product to be added or ask for a formal quote. Phone us on +1 (844) 977-6642 or email our team at

For information on lab safety, please view our blog on How to Safely Use Chemicals in the Lab.


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