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Learn How to Maintain Accuracy and Precision of Your Pipettor

In order to make sure that your pipettors are accurate and performing at your best, Globe Scientific suggests that you calibrate your pipette on a regular basis “For maintaining accuracy and precision even through repeated pipetting regimes, pipettors should be calibrated at periodic intervals”. But how often you calibrate your pipette can depend on a […]

Choose the Right Pipette for Any Application

Which Pipette Should I Choose? With so many different pipettes out in the market place how do you know which one is the right one for your application? There are a few basic types of pipettes, transfer pipettes, serological pipettes and then mechanical and digital pipettors. Here we talk about the different types and what […]

A Quick Guide to Maintaining Pipettor Accuracy

Maintaining pipettor accuracy is important to insure valid repeatable results in your laboratory. Human error and mistakes do happen, however there are ways of improving accuracy and minimizing possible errors.  Even a precise instrument like adjustable pipettors need maintenance and require proper user techniques in order to perform as efficiently as possible. If you want […]