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Velp Scientific OHS Stirrers

Introducing a new revolutionary overhead stirrer! The new OHS series by Velp Scientifica offers state of the art stirring power for rigorous laboratory applications. All OHS models are backed by a 3 year manufacture’s warranty and are available in OHS digital or OHS advance models. OHS Advance A cloud enabled stirrer with two speed gears, […]

A Sonic Supply Guide to Buying Chemicals

You’ve come to Sonic Supply to purchase chemicals, but where do you begin? Let’s start with a primer on our offerings! In addition to laboratory equipment for handling chemicals, our chemical product line includes reagents (such as acids and solvents), cannabis testing chemicals and PH indicators to test the acidity of a solution. All purchases […]

What are Flocculators and How are They Used?

Flocculators help determine the amount of treatment chemicals and the sequence in which they should be added for water treatment plants and other environmental test centers. The term comes from flocculation, a chemical process where one substance  – floating within another substance – exits suspension as a floc (or flake), usually after adding a clarifying […]

Cannabis and CBD Products

More than 30 U.S. states and Washington, DC now allow cannabis and its products to be used medicinally, while about 10 of those states and the nation’s capital have approved recreational use. Nationwide legalization is likely an eventuality of this “green rush,” and a growing number of studies continue to research the benefits of cannabis. […]

How Can I Improve Lab Safety in My Classroom?

Science classes can be fun, but how can you keep students safe during lab experiments? Here are some ways to ensure a fun, safe learning environment! Establish Rules for Behavior & Personal Safety First, discuss rules for student conduct before any lab work so students know what’s expected of them. Rules should include behaving in […]