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Tackling Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution

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Ringing in a new year often includes making a resolution. If you’ve resolved to lose weight, Sonic has the right fitness-related products for you!

Weighing Scales

Sonic Supply offers a variety of health and fitness scales from Adam Equipment, including physician scales that can be used in doctor’s offices, clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, medical laboratories and gyms.

Adam Equipment MDW250L Health and Fitness Scale Left

They’re available in both digital models with an easy-to-read display and mechanical models with adjustable weight sliders. The two types each have advantages.

A digital scale like Adam Equipment's MDW 250L, for example, is much easier to use (the subject simply stands on the scale) with little chance of error. They’re also often more precise, with readabilities of up to 0.1 lbs. Readability refers to the increments of the weighing result. A readability of 0.1 lbs. would yield a result such as 176.1 lbs.

On the other hand, while a mechanical scale like the MDW 200B is typically less expensive, the trade-off is that it requires the user to manually move weight sliders to find the correct result, which can lead to a much greater chance of error. A mechanical fitness scale often weighs in increments of 0.2 lbs.

Whether digital or mechanical, each model in the MDW range features an adjustable height rod for precise height readings, which is necessary for calculating body mass.

Sonic also offers the MTB 20 for weighing babies and toddlers, which help ensure a child’s healthy development.


Advanced models – such as the MUW 300L and the MDW 300L  – offer built-in body mass indicators (BMI). What exactly is BMI?

Derived from an individual’s weight and height, BMI categorizes a person as underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese. Certain BMIs have been associated with higher mortality rates and certain health risks, so the index can be helpful to give doctors and their patients a general sense of the patient’s ideal weight.

While helpful in a broad sense, BMI has some key limitations when applied to certain people, including those with unusually high muscle mass. Ideal BMI also varies by race and even by body type (small frame vs. large frame).

Curious about your BMI? The CDC offers an online calculator.

Food Scales

In addition to consistent exercise, food portion control is key to both losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight. Tracking calories to stay within your goal can be easy with an app, but they require knowing the portion size. You can try to guess or estimate what 6 oz. of chicken looks like, for example, but that can be confusing. Also confusing: should you weigh food before or after cooking? (Before, since cooking changes the weight of the food. Raw beef weighs more than cooked beef.)

CB 501 Balance

Portion control is best achieved with a food scale, like the compact CB 501 balance. Whatever scale you choose, make sure that it offers weighing in different units, like ounces and grams. For accuracy, always remember to tare out the weight of packaging or any dish you’re using (don’t place raw chicken directly on your scale!) when you weigh the food.

For tips on food portioning, click here for guidelines from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

If you have any questions about fitness scales or food scales, call or email us. We’re here to help!