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Premium Quality Slides and Accessories from Globe Scientific

Microscope slides

Choosing the right type of slide is simple with Sonic Supply. We have a wide variety of slides, accessories, and microscopes for every application. If you want the most accurate results look no further than our line of Globe Scientific supplies and Carltex Bestscope microscopes.


All Diamond White Glass slides are specially packed to protect against any moisture and foreign particles. They are available in plain, frosted, color-coded, charged and instrument-specific versions.
    • Exceptional clarity and superior transparency.
    • Made from chemically pure white glass sheets.
    • Increased hardness and molecular stability for more accurate experimental results.


All classic slides are produced from premium glass sheets and are an excellent alternative to overpriced name-brand slides. The slides are packaged in boxes of 72 and feature a moisture-absorbent sheet in each box to prevent sticking. All microscope slides are pre-cleaned and ready to use.
    •  Made from high-quality soda lime glass.
    •  Ideal for use in all routine applications.
    • Exceptional quality and savings.

Corner/Edge Types

Traditional Style

90° ground edge / 90° corners

Safety Corners:

90° ground edge/slightly clipped corners. Corners are slightly clipped for safety and comfort. (Available in classic slides only)

Clipped Corners:

45° beveled edge / clipped corners. No sharp edges. Perfect for blood smears.


Plain Slides:

Plain microscope slides are produced from premium glass sheets and offer exceptional quality while providing considerable savings.

Color Coded Slides:

Globe's color frosted microscope slides are offered in ten bright, attractive colors.

Cavity Well Slides:

These cavity well microscope slides are ideal for holding liquids and cultures for microscopic examination.

Charged Slides:

These slides provide the ideal surface for cell and tissue adhesion.

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