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Stocking Up on Science Supplies for Home Schooling

Now that school has temporarily moved from the classroom to the living room, you might need supplies for your child’s science class. Maybe you need some fun, educational after school activities to keep them engaged. Sonic Supply offers a wide variety of science equipment and supplies for classes like Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Earth Science. Products include activity guides, models, labware and easy-to-use scales and balances. Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, our supplies and equipment are affordably priced and budget friendly. 

STEM Kits & Products with Activity Guides 

Since the pandemic started, kits dedicated to STEM – an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – have increased in popularity. The hands-on kits include educator-written activity guides to provide users with instructions and background information, along with tips to assist teachers in lesson planning.  

Kits range from the basic, like a solar-powered car, to much more complex, like a Hall Effect Apparatus that explores the Hall Effect in a GaAs (Gallium arsenide) semiconductor. Other options include a kit that grows nano-scale and micro-scale copper wires and another that explores the use of LED light in technology products.

Led Light Battery Exploration Pack

While some STEM kits work more effectively in conjunction with teachers, others are suitable for educational (and recreational!) use with parents. 

Biology, Chemistry & Physics 

Sonic also offers supplies for specific classes. For biology, products are broken down into categories like microscopes, biology models, dissection, manipulative, physiology and stethoscopes. Manipulative kits focus on protein synthesis, DNA molecules and meiosis. Some kits come with lessons plans and assessments for grading. 

Chemistry offerings include models, as well as lab equipment and kits. Projects well-suited for home use include a Light & Invisible Ink Exploration Pack, an Economy Magnet Kit and a 269-piece Molecular Model Chemistry Set

Sonic’s range of physics products cover electricity, magnetism, matter, mechanics, optics, waves and advanced physics. 

General Classroom Supplies 

Essential for many science and math tasks, we haven't forgotten classroom standbys like calculators, rulers and similar products! For schools looking to stock up early for the next school year, bulk pricing is available.  

Classroom Scales & Balances 

Once students return to the classroom, teachers and administrators may choose to consider new weighing equipment for science classrooms.  

Contact us today at 844-977-6642 or for a custom quote on educational products. 

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