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COVID-19 / Coronavirus Testing Equipment and Supplies

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it more critical than ever to ensure that labs are fully outfitted and ready for disease testing and control. SonicSupply offers everything a lab needs to be prepared, from pipettes, glassware and gloves to centrifuges, vortex mixers and analytical balances. We have supplies needed to preform common testing methods which is the nucleic acid detection method and the IgM/IgG Detection Method for antibody tests.

To purchase larger stocking quantities, let us know and we can accommodate your needs. We also offer free samples of our lab supplies. Please contact us at (844) 977-6642 or email with any questions.

Vacuum Aspiration System

Dlab Safevac Vacuum Aspiration System

The Safevac is highly efficient at waste collection, waste management and sterilization process control for increased lab safety.

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Pipette Starter Kits

Pipette starter kits can be used for sample preparation for dispensing and mixing liquids.


Spin samples in PCR tubes in a variety of tube sizes and RPM speeds.

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Centrifuges Tubes

Centrifuge tubes can be used to spin samples in centrifuges and store samples for testing.

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Microcentrifuge Tube

Microcentrifuge Tubes

These microcentrifuge tubes are lot certified to be RNase free, DNase free, human DNA free, Pyrogen free, ATP free and PCR inhibitor free! They are produced from polypropylene (PP) and feature leak-resistant snap caps.

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Bio Boxes for Tube Storage

Produced from polycarbonate (PC), these storage boxes are designed to withstand temperatures of -196°C to +121°C. The boxes fit in stainless steel freezer racks and have vent holes for drainage and rapid freezing.

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IR Vortex Mixer Front

Vortex Mixers

Innovative design and user-friendly operation for easy mixing of samples for testing.

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DLab MX-T6-Pro Tube Roller

Tube Roller

Allows for rolling of tube blood samples to avoid coagulation. Available in digital and analog formats.

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Disposable gloves protect your hands from contaminated surfaces and offer a layer of defense. Stock up on our selection of latex and nitrile options in various sizes from small to extra large.

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Shop our line of disposable masks for protection against airborne particles, isolate droplets, saliva and more. All masks are comfortable and flexible and fit well.

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Sonic Supply  Denatured Alcohol

Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl Alcohol has a chemical formula of CH₃CHOHCH₃ and is used primarily as a cleaning solvent and to dissolve a variety of non-polar compounds. This type of alcohol evaporates quickly in comparison to ethanol-based products.

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