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Celebrate 420 with Sonic Supply!

April's newest “holiday” has become almost mainstream, following the legalization of cannabis across much of the nation. Celebrated on April 20 (4/20), the holiday was inspired by the “code” 420 that aficionados have used for cannabis. This year's 420 celebrations last all month long since the month (4) and year (20) also correspond to 420.

About two-thirds of U.S. states allow medicinal cannabis, while 11 states and Washington, DC approved recreational use. Sonic Supply offers an extensive selection of cannabis lab products, including equipment, testing chemicals and glassware. Whether you are starting up your own dispensary or CBD production facility, make sure you take a look at some of what Sonic has to offer!

Lab Equipment

Hotplate/Stirrers: In CBD production, hotplates and stirrers mix and separate oils. For an economically priced option, choose the Dlab MS-280-Pro Hotplate/Stirrer as a standalone unit or bundled with a temperature sensor and support clamp.

Bottle Top Dispensers: Bottle top dispensers, such as the Microlit Beatus Bottle Top Dispenser with Re-Circulation Valve, offer a dispensing solution for CBD oils. Uses include ingredient extraction and cannabis testing.

NTEP-Approved Balance

Scales/Balances: Cannabis dispensaries require Class II, NTEP-approved scales. For a Class II designation, scales require displayed results from 1mg to 50mg (0.05g) with 10,000 – 100,000 divisions or better. Adam Equipment’s legal-for-trade HCB Approved models offer readabilities from 0.001g to 0.5g, ideal for dispensaries' small increments of cannabis.

Heating Mantles: A great alternative to a heating bath, heating mantles are ideal for evenly heating containers, flasks and other glassware. The cannabis industry uses them in combination with a boiling flask and condenser for chemical extraction through distillation.

Rotary Evaporators: Often used with a vacuum pump, rotary evaporators remove solvents during the distillation of cannabis.

Lab Supplies

Reagent Bottles: Reagent bottles serve as storage of chemicals for purity and pesticide testing, as well as display storage for finished products in dispensaries. United Scientific offers a wide range of sizes.

Beakers: Use glass beakers to measure and add ingredients or collect extraction. Beakers can be placed on hotplates, so they're safe to use when heating and separating compounds from cannabis plant material.

Mortar & Pestle

Mortar & Pestle Sets: Since ancient times, mortars and pestles have been used to crush and grind substances into a paste or powder. Sonic offers mortar & pestle sets made from materials like porcelain (general use) or agate stone (which minimizes cross-contamination).

Buchner Funnels: The Winterization process filters out unwanted waxy plant particles after extraction: the extract and solution are combined, placed in a freezer overnight and the resulting waxy particles are removed by vacuum. 

Porcelain Buchner funnels can be placed in the freezer to help maintain low temperatures during the process, as well as used as gravity filtration devices to separate solids and liquids.

United Scientific sells winterization kits that include a filtering flask, Buchner funnel, adapter set and filter paper.

Cannabis Testing Chemicals

We offer a variety of chemicals specially made for testing and extracting compounds from cannabis. Used for measuring potency, cannabis testing chemicals help ensure cannabis, cannabis products and hemp meet state testing requirements. Sonic’s cannabis testing chemicals are ISO Guide 34 Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) for common contaminates (including such as residual solvents, pesticide residues and heavy metals).

Regulatory Compliance

Cannabis remains illegal at the federal level in the U.S., with legalization growing on a state-by-state basis. Please note that regulations and laws governing cannabis vary by jurisdiction, so always consult your state’s laws to ensure compliance.

To start outfitting your cannabis lab, contact us today at 844-977-6642 or

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