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Cannabis and CBD Products

More than 30 U.S. states and Washington, DC now allow cannabis and its products to be used medicinally, while about 10 of those states and the nation’s capital have approved recreational use. Nationwide legalization is likely an eventuality of this “green rush,” and a growing number of studies continue to research the benefits of cannabis.

Sonic Supply offers a wide range of products ideal for the cannabis laboratory, including analytical and precision balances, moisture analyzers, bottle top dispensers, hotplates, testing chemicals and glassware. Regulations and laws governing cannabis vary from state to state, so always consult your state’s laws to ensure compliance.

Recommended Cannabis Lab Equipment

MS-H280-Pro Dlab Laboratory hotplate stirrer with beaker on ceramic hotplate

Dlab MS-280-Pro Hotplate/Stirrer

The MS-280-Pro is an economically priced hotplate stirrer unit that can be used in CBD production to mix and separate oils.

Now only $172.99 >> Shop All Hotplate Stirrers

Microlit Beatus Bottle Top Dispenser

These bottle top dispensers can be used to extract ingredients, do cannabis testing, and offer a dispensing solution for CBD oils.

Prices start now at $237.99 >> Shop All Bottle Top Dispensers

Adam Equipment HCB Approved Scales and Balances

HCB Approved models fulfill legal for trade requirement for Cannabis dispensaries conducting transactions based on weight. These balances are NTEP approved and offer readabilities from 0.001g to 0.5g to read small increments of cannabis.

Prices start now at $386.10 >> Shop All NTEP Approved Scales


United Scientific Heating Mantles

These heating mantles can be used in combination with a boiling flask and condenser to extract desired chemicals through distillation.

Prices start now at $132.00 >>

Rotary Evaporator

Rotary Evaporators

Rotary Evaporators are commonly used for solvent removal in the distillation of cannabis. These can be combined and work with a vacuum pump that we also offer.

Prices start now at $2,399.99 >> Shop All Heating Mantles

Recommended Cannabis Lab Supplies

High Density Polyethylene

United Scientific Reagent Bottles

Reagent bottles can be used to store chemicals for purity and pesticide testing. Additionally, these bottles can be used to store finished products to be displayed in dispensaries.

Prices start now at $11.49 >> Shop All Reagent Bottles

United Scientific Supplies

United Scientific Borosilicate Glass Beakers

Glass beakers can be used to measure and add ingredients or collect extraction. Beakers can also be placed on hotplates to heat and separate desired compounds from the plant material.

Prices start now at $20.85 (5mL, Pack of 12)  Shop All Beakers

Mortar & Pestle Set

United Scientific Mortar & Pestle Sets

Mortars & Pestles are great for preparing and grinding cannabis samples for analysis. Choose from a selection of porcelain or agate stone materials.

Prices start now at $7.96 >> Shop All Mortar & Pestle Sets


United Scientific Porcelain Buchner Funnels

Porcelain Buchner funnels can be placed in the freezer overnight to help maintain low temperatures during winterization. Additionally, these funnels can be used as filtration devices in laboratories for separating solids and liquids.

Prices start now at $9.93 >>

United Scientific Winterization Labware Kits

All winterization kits include a filtering flask, Buchner funnel, adapter set and filter paper. Winterization is known as the process of filtering out unwanted wazy plant particles after extraction. The extract and a solution are combined and placed in a freezer overnight. The wazy particle resulting from the freezing procedure is removed using vacuum filtration.

Prices start now at $129.99 >> Shop All Buchner Funnels

Ricca Chemical Cannabis

Cannabis Testing Chemicals

We have a variety of chemicals specially made for testing and extracting compounds from cannabis. All chemicals are ISO Guide 34 Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) for all of the common contaminates of each state's regulations: California, Colorado, Nevada and Oregon.

Prices start now at $29.99 >> Shop All Cannabis Testing Chemicals


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