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Learn How to Make Postal Weighing Simple and Easy

Using scales and balances for shipping is essential for achieving an accurate weight measurement of the shipped items. Anyone from eBay or Amazon sellers, retail stores, or someone who sends gifts through the mail regularly can benefit from using a scale.

What are the benefits to using a shipping scale? You can take the guesswork out of shipping and packing items correctly, which leads to more savings, increased sales, better overall customer satisfaction and less wasted time and resources.

Why Use Postal Scales?

Scales save you from estimating or guessing the weight of the item, as well as which delivery method would be best. It also saves lots of money on postage since rates change based on the item's weight.

Most shipping methods have weight restrictions that sellers need to follow. For example, shipping USPS first class is often the most affordable and quickest way of shipping smaller items. In order to ship USPS first class, however, your item (including packaging) must weigh 13 ounces or less.

A scale provides the correct weight, allowing you to determine which items can ship first class. Over time, overestimating shipping rates may lead to significant revenue being thrown away! Knowing the exact weight of the item and its packaging help you make better decisions on the most affordable shipping method, so you'll know exactly what you're paying before you click to print the shipping label.

How to Pack Your Items

Packing your items so they arrive safely is extremely important. Protect your items with bubble wrap, padded envelopes, packing peanuts or styrofoam. Smaller items can often go into lightweight padded envelopes very easily. Larger and medium-sized items can be bubble wrapped and placed in appropriate-sized boxes with filler for protection.

You may purchase packing materials from your local office supply store or from an online retailer, though it's often less expensive, more environmentally friendly (and more convenient!) to recycle packing materials from previous shipments you've received. When reusing supplies, make sure they're in good condition to properly protect the item you're shipping.

Another way to cut down on costs is to take advantage of the USPS Priority mail program. It offers free shipping supplies to be sent to your company or residential address. You can choose from a variety of different-sized envelopes, boxes, bubble mailers and much more. USPS can also pick up your priority mail or first class packages if you schedule a pickup time with them, saving you time going to and from the Post Office.

Scales to Consider 

Before making your first postal scale purchase, consider what you'll be weighing and shipping. Also take into account what unit of measurement you will need your item to be weighed in. Most scales will allow you to weigh in grams, pounds and ounces. Check the scale's technical specification table to see the selectable weighing units offered.

If you only plan to ship small envelopes and boxes, look into compact scales. For larger boxes and heavier items, consider the Adam Equipment CPWplus or Inscale IPS Postal Scale.  They offer bigger platform sizes and increased capacities, which help provide the best weighing results for larger parcels.

Make sure to take note and keep track of your item's packaging weight and the dimensions of the box. Then decide the best method of shipping depending on the weight of the item and packaging materials.

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