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Spooky-Scary Skeleton Models and What They're For!

Spooky-Scary Skeleton Models and What They're For!

Halloween is approaching, and so are those skeletons behind you! RUN! Just kidding. The skeletons we’re going to be talking about are firmly mounted on poles, and definitely aren’t hiding underneath your desk…. This blog revolves around skeleton models. We’ll learn what they are, what they’re for, what the different types are, and which one will make the best treat for you this season!

Skeleton model with candy stuffed inside

What is a Skeleton Model and What Are They For?

A skeleton model is an anatomically correct recreation of the human body’s skeletal structure. They’re typically not made from real bone - thank goodness - but rather hard plastic.

A skeleton model may be used in a doctor’s office, for example, as a reference to help patients understand which bone they may have broken, or to ask them which part of their body is in pain. Different types of models may also be utilized in science, biology, or anatomy classrooms to teach students about how the human body is formed and how the bones fit together. They may even be a helpful tool for artists who need a reference close at hand!

What Kinds of Skeleton Models Are There?

Here at Sonic Supply, we stock a few different types of skeleton models so that you can purchase the best one for your needs. We also offer models depicting the muscular system and internal components such as the ear or the brain, however this time we’re focusing on models that feature skeletal bones. Sonic Supply offers full life-sized models, miniature models, disarticulated models, and models of individual body parts such as the hand or skull. Let’s go over each type and what they may be used for:

Full Life-Sized Models

These models are life-sized and depict the skeletal structure of the whole human body. To keep them standing upright, a pole can run through the spine to the skull (ouch!) or simply attach the pole to the back of the skull.

Eisco Scientific Life-Sized Human Skeleton Model

Eisco Scientific Life-Sized Human Skeleton Model

This model is 5 feet 6 inches tall with a wheeled base, or it can be hung by a hook through the skull. This model features articulated, or movable, limbs, as well as a hinged mandible (jawbone) and sectioned cranium. This is your standard skeleton for regular, everyday operations.

Eisco Scientific Human Skeleton Anatomical Model

Eisco Scientific’s model comes out to be 62 inches tall, or about 5’2”. This model, in addition to featuring moveable joints and magnetic skull connections, has the locations of muscles and ligaments painted onto one-half of the skeleton. These details are helpful for educating students or patients about muscle locations in relation to each bone in the body!

Mini Models

We don’t stock skeleton models based on children’s anatomy (did you know babies have more bones than grown-ups?), so these miniature models are still anatomically correct for adults, everything is simply sized down. These models make great space and money savers, as they’re much more cost-effective than their full-sized counterparts!

United Scientific Human Skeleton Model with Fold-Out Guide

United Scientific’s miniature model is only 32 inches tall, or a bit more than 2 and a half feet. This model demonstrates the Axial skeleton parts, which are comprised of the skull, ossicles, hyoid bone, rib cage, sternum and vertebral column, by having them painted blue. This model is ideal for higher educational purposes because it comes equipped with a color guide indicating 143 labeled structures and allows for student assessment. It may also be useful for doctors who specialize in that specific area.

Eisco Scientific Miniature Human Skeleton

Eisco Scientific Miniature Human Skeleton with hand for reference

This little guy is approximately 1 and a half feet tall, small enough to fit comfortably on a desktop. This is a very basic model, with moveable knees, ankles, elbows, wrists and shoulders, as well as a detachable skull cap. Being very affordable, this model is perfect for an artist who needs a skeleton they can pose easily as they work and turn for different perspectives or something that children can interact with in a classroom without the risk of breaking expensive equipment.

Disarticulated Models

Most of the previous skeletons arrive pre-assembled or are at least shipped in large, pre-assembled “chunks” to make putting it together much easier. The models below, however, come disarticulated, or completely apart and are intended to be displayed as pieces, rather than be made into a whole. Sorry puzzle lovers, you’re looking at the wrong website!

Eisco Scientific Full Disarticulated Human Skeleton

Eisco Scientific Full Disarticulated Human Skeleton

When you want to feel, hold and handle almost every bone in the human body, this model is for you. With over 200+ bones and structures, you could pick up a singular rib bone to use for demonstration, or if you’re a particularly macabre artist, arrange the bones in interesting new ways. Eisco also offers a Half-Disarticulated skeleton with 100+ bones and structures, for those who would like a more cost-effective alternative.

Individual Pieces

A skeleton is a skeleton, but sometimes you’re just not interested in the whole thing. Sonic Supply offers models of individual body parts such as shoulder joints, knees and elbows, as well as the more popular models below.


Skull model

The human skull is fascinating – we have one, right underneath our skin! For those who teach about the skull, this model is great for classroom assessments because each piece is labelled with a number. Spring-loaded in three parts, the mandible is moveable, and the skull cap is re-moveable. Who knew our heads were so complicated?


Hand model

You’re probably using your hands to operate your computer or scroll through your phone right now. For those who have given any thought to how that could be possible, you need a model of the human hand. This model is spring-loaded to demonstrate movement, so patients or students can understand just how cool it is that our hands can type, play the piano, or hold a hamburger.


Foot model

This model includes the whole foot plus part of the ankle, which is one of the most frequently broken areas in the body (a not-so-fun-fact?). This model can help doctors explain to their patients which part of the ankle or foot they may have broken, and how it can be expected to be fixed and healed!


Spine model

The spine is one of the most important collections of bones in the whole human body, with 33 vertebrae. Complications or accidents that involve the spine can cause severe back pain, paralysis, or even death. Understanding the spine and being able to touch and move it, like you can with this model, might make you more likely to sit up straight or lift with your legs!


Get your own skeleton friend this spooky season, here at Sonic Supply. Do you have any questions? Contact us today or give us a call at 1-844-977-6642.


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