Projectile Launchers Help Propel Students Toward Physics Lessons

When you think of classroom tools, you probably don’t think about projectile launchers! But for physics students, they come in surprisingly handy.  What Does Projectile Mean in Physics? In physics, a projectile is any object that once “projected” (thrown, fired or dropped), the only force acting on it is gravity. Force is initially exerted onto […]

What are Laboratory ovens and why are they used?

Laboratory ovens are multi-purpose appliances primarily used in scientific and manufacturing industries. They provide pinpoint temperature control and uniform temperatures throughout the heating process. The functions performed by laboratory ovens are essential for the processes of baking, curing or drying substances which are then used in labs and various other production procedures. Sonic Supply offer […]

What are Rotary Evaporators and How Do They Work?

A lab evaporator is a standard piece of chemistry equipment for removing solvents from samples or to create a concentrated form. How do rotary evaporators – also called rotating evaporators or rotovaps – work? Let’s take a look. What is Rotary Evaporation? Evaporation is a gentle, efficient way to remove solvents and the process of rotary evaporation is a reduced-pressure distillation. […]

A Guide to Choosing the Right Mixer for Your Laboratory

Lab mixers allow you to easily mix samples in containers like test tubes. There are a lot of considerations when buying a new laboratory apparatus for mixing and stirrer. What’s the viscosity of the liquid you’ll be mixing? What are your requirements for torque, horsepower or rotational speed? We’ll take a look at what you’ll […]

Heating Mantle or Hotplate Stirrer: Which is Right for Me?

Every lab heats samples, but should you use a heating mantle or a hotplate stirrer? Let’s take a look at both benchtop tools. Hotplate Stirrers Hotplate stirrers simultaneously heat and mix samples. You can buy a conventional hotplate and compatible stirrer (we’ve talked before about which type of stirrer is best) or you can opt for […]

Medical Supplies: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Medical supplies these days aren’t all about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), even if it may seem like that when you watch the news. Sonic Supply offers a variety of medical equipment and supplies (yes, including PPE!) for doctor’s offices, veterinary offices, labs, clinics and other care centers. For the Exam Room When many people think […]

How to Safely use Chemicals in the lab

Working with chemicals can be dangerous. Whether they are corrosive, flammable, toxic or reactive, a lot can go wrong – so it is crucial to understand how to use chemicals safely. Simply knowing the properties of the chemicals that you are using is the most important first step. When this is combined with caution and the right PPE (personal protective equipment), we can begin to […]