How Can I Improve Lab Safety in My Classroom?

Science classes can be fun, but how can you keep students safe during lab experiments? Here are some ways to ensure a fun, safe learning environment! Establish Rules for Behavior & Personal Safety First, discuss rules for student conduct before any lab work so students know what’s expected of them. Rules should include behaving in […]

Overhead Stirrers Versus Magnetic Stirrers

In chemical and biological experiments, laboratory researchers and chemists frequently need to mix liquids and there are a variety of options at their disposal, including magnetic stirrers and overhead stirrers. What is a magnetic stirrer? Magnetic stirrers like the Velp Scientifica Multi-Stirrer utilize a rotating magnetic field to move a stir bar around in samples, […]

How Counting Scales Can Benefit Your Business or Manufacturing Facility

Time is money, as the saying goes. How many man-hours at your business are consumed by counting small pieces of stock? While everyone knows that scales weigh things, you may not know that scales can also tally individual items for us. Counting scales are versatile, enabling users to measure both weight and the number of […]

Glassware vs. Plasticware

Learn how to choose the best option for your application Just about any laboratory requires a variety of flasks, test tubes, beakers, graduated cylinders, dishes, and flasks. Many of these supplies we offer are available in glass or alternatively plastic materials. This post will help you better understand the differences between glass and plastic and […]

How to Select the Best Laboratory Hotplates & Stirrers for your Application

Hotplates and stirrers are essential pieces of equipment for any laboratory, classroom, or testing facilities. Having the right pieces of equipment for your application will increase the accuracy of your results and also insure you are working in a safe environment. Here is a list of common questions and helpful hints you should consider before […]

Sonic Supply’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Pipette

All pipettes perform the task of simply transferring liquid from one location to another. However with many different types of pipette to choose from, finding the best pipette for your application may be a difficult task. Models ranging from small micro-pipettes designed for diagnostic kits to digital electronic motorized pipettes can be overwhelming unless you […]