Celebrate 420 with Sonic Supply!

April’s newest “holiday” has become almost mainstream, following the legalization of cannabis across much of the nation. Celebrated on April 20 (4/20), the holiday was inspired by the “code” 420 that aficionados have used for cannabis. This year’s 420 celebrations last all month long since the month (4) and year (20) also correspond to 420. […]

Stocking Up on Science Supplies for Home Schooling

Now that school has temporarily moved from the classroom to the living room, you might need supplies for your child’s science class. Maybe you need some fun, educational after school activities to keep them engaged. Sonic Supply offers a wide variety of science equipment and supplies for classes like Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Earth Science. […]

COVID-19 / Coronavirus Testing Equipment and Supplies

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it more critical than ever to ensure that labs are fully outfitted and ready for disease testing and control. SonicSupply offers everything a lab needs to be prepared, from pipettes, glassware and gloves to centrifuges, vortex mixers and analytical balances. To purchase larger stocking quantities, let us know and we […]

How To Choose Pipettes

The concept behind a pipette is simple: they allow the accurate, sterile transfer of a small, specific amount of liquid. They are often used for medical tests, as well as within fields such as molecular biology and analytical chemistry.    Pipettes (also referred to as pipettors) generally measure in microliters (µL) or milliliters (mL). Micropipettes dispense […]

Why Do ISO Verifications Matter?

Before we can discuss ISO verifications, we need to discuss what ISO is. Put simply, ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an independent, non-governmental organization that publishes international standards for products, services and systems. The Switzerland-based group, which is instrumental in facilitating international trade, covers nearly every industry from technology and food safety to agriculture […]

Velp Scientific OHS Stirrers

Introducing a new revolutionary overhead stirrer! The new OHS series by Velp Scientifica offers state of the art stirring power for rigorous laboratory applications. All OHS models are backed by a 3 year manufacture’s warranty and are available in OHS digital or OHS advance models. OHS Advance A cloud enabled stirrer with two speed gears, […]

A Sonic Supply Guide to Buying Chemicals

You’ve come to Sonic Supply to purchase chemicals, but where do you begin? Let’s start with a primer on our offerings! In addition to laboratory equipment for handling chemicals, our chemical product line includes reagents (such as acids and solvents), cannabis testing chemicals and PH indicators to test the acidity of a solution. All purchases […]