A Guide to Choosing the Right Mixer for Your Laboratory

Lab mixers allow you to easily mix samples in containers like test tubes. There are a lot of considerations when buying a new laboratory apparatus for mixing and stirrer. What’s the viscosity of the liquid you’ll be mixing? What are your requirements for torque, horsepower or rotational speed? We’ll take a look at what you’ll […]

Heating Mantle or Hotplate Stirrer: Which is Right for Me?

Every lab heats samples, but should you use a heating mantle or a hotplate stirrer? Let’s take a look at both benchtop tools. Hotplate Stirrers Hotplate stirrers simultaneously heat and mix samples. You can buy a conventional hotplate and compatible stirrer (we’ve talked before about which type of stirrer is best) or you can opt for […]

Medical Supplies: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Medical supplies these days aren’t all about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), even if it may seem like that when you watch the news. Sonic Supply offers a variety of medical equipment and supplies (yes, including PPE!) for doctor’s offices, veterinary offices, labs, clinics and other care centers. For the Exam Room When many people think […]

How to Safely use Chemicals in the lab

Working with chemicals can be dangerous. Whether they are corrosive, flammable, toxic or reactive, a lot can go wrong – so it is crucial to understand how to use chemicals safely. Simply knowing the properties of the chemicals that you are using is the most important first step. When this is combined with caution and the right PPE (personal protective equipment), we can begin to […]

How to Prepare Your Business for Reopening in the Pandemic

One of the defining characteristics of the Covid-19 pandemic has been confusion. It’s understandable. This early in the research phase of a new virus, how can we expect the medical community to get everything right? They’re studying and learning as fast as they can to help all of us. By this point, there’s enough known […]

Fall Preview: Setting Up Your Science Classroom for Success!

It may feel strange to talk about going back to school when schools remain empty with students practicing distance learning. But Fall will bring a new school year and students will return to their science classrooms, so let’s dive in!  Sonic Supply offers a wide selection of products to outfit your science classes, whether in […]

Celebrate 420 with Sonic Supply!

April’s newest “holiday” has become almost mainstream, following the legalization of cannabis across much of the nation. Celebrated on April 20 (4/20), the holiday was inspired by the “code” 420 that aficionados have used for cannabis. This year’s 420 celebrations last all month long since the month (4) and year (20) also correspond to 420. […]

Stocking Up on Science Supplies for Home Schooling

Now that school has temporarily moved from the classroom to the living room, you might need supplies for your child’s science class. Maybe you need some fun, educational after school activities to keep them engaged. Sonic Supply offers a wide variety of science equipment and supplies for classes like Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Earth Science. […]